Marketplace Policy

For the purpose of this Marketplace Policy (hereinafter referred to as this “Policy”), wherever the context so requires, “you” and “your” shall relate to any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a merchant/seller on the (the “Website”). The word “Customer” shall mean a buyer who places an order on the Website, and the terms “NiftyHomes” “we”, “us” and “our” shall mean Beacon Hives Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 with registered office at UNIT NO. CG/267, CARNIVAL HOUSE, OFF. AK, VAIDYA MARG, MALAD EAST, MUMBAI, Mumbai City, Maharashtra, India, 400097.

We at NiftyHomes give customer satisfaction the highest priority and expect our merchants to support us in delighting our users and Customers. As a merchant, whilst selling on (the “Website”), you are expected to deliver prompt and efficient service to ensure that the Customer’s experience of shopping on the Website is a delightful one. We promise to provide you with complete transparency in all our operations and fees so that we have a lasting business relationship with our Sellers.

We are also committed to ensuring that all merchants are treated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner and accordingly, in addition to the terms and conditions detailed in our E-Commerce Services Agreement we have the following expectations from you:

Order Fulfilment and Timely Shipments – Shipping Policies

You will be shipping your products directly to the Customer, with you only taking care of the packaging. The pickup and courier services will be arranged by Us along with any shipping delays, tracking, etc. The shipping fees will be deducted from the remittance amount and the fees invoices will be sent to you for transparency.

You are expected to process orders received from the Customers through the Website in a timely manner and within the stipulated timelines (as agreed at the time of your registration as a merchant on the Website, and as displayed on your login page (“Merchant Dashboard”) failing which the merchant ranking will fall. Repeated such instances would result in the removal of your delayed SKUs from listing. However, in the event of any unforeseen operational circumstances communicated by you, such steps will be waived off.

Pursuant to applicable laws, post-sales, and delivery of the products to the Customers, customer satisfaction will be your responsibility. To this end, as per applicable laws, our Customer Support Team may assist you with ensuring customer satisfaction and resolving complaints received from Customers, with respect to products sold by you on the Website. We would also be happy to assist you with packaging, logistics, warehousing, and order fulfillment.

Providing a hassle-free shopping experience to the Customer is of utmost priority, and we would like to reiterate that adherence to pre-agreed timelines for shipping of products is of essence to our relationship with you. If the products are not dispatched to the Customer within the stipulated timelines the order may be canceled (see paragraph 1 of ‘Order Fulfilment and Timely Shipments’) and we may be required to process a refund of the amount paid by the Customer for the same.

You shall be responsible for all costs incurred to ship the products to the Customer (including costs of freight and transit insurance). Further, you shall be responsible for payment of all duties, custom duties, taxes, and other charges.

There won’t be any fees charged to you in spite of the cancellation of an order due to non-fulfillment of the same, or delay in shipment of the product on your part for the first few non-performance (as per discretion). Subsequent such non-performance events make you liable to pay a small cancellation fee for the orders being canceled, which shall be deducted from your next remittance cycle and clearly reflect on the Seller Portal and will be communicated to you.

Any failure to adhere to the timelines for the fulfillment of an order or timely shipment of the product ordered by the Customer will be considered to be non-performance of your obligations, and repeated non-performance may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges on the Website.

In addition to the above, you shall be liable to indemnify us and the other Indemnified Parties (as defined in the E-Commerce Services Agreement) in accordance with the E-Commerce Services Agreement, for any cancellation due to non-fulfillment, or non-fulfillment of an order.

Merchant Remittance Policies

Remittances are usually processed twice a week, i.e., on Monday and Thursday of every week. In the event a Monday or Thursday is a bank holiday or any public holiday, the remittances shall be processed on the next working day.

All remittances shall be processed after applying/offsetting all adjustments due from your account. If you have any queries with respect to the amounts being remitted to your account, please contact our Payments Team through your Seller Portal.

In the event our logistics team informs us that the product has not been received by the Customer, we shall ensure that the product is returned to you and shall coordinate with your team for the same.

Payments for orders that have been fulfilled shall be remitted to your account, post receipt of funds through the payment gateways, as per applicable laws and within the T+3 timeline prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India (wherein “T” shall mean the date on which the product is successfully delivered to the Customer).

Know Your Customer (“KYC”) mandate

You will be required to complete the KYC procedure for verification of your identity and of the bank account you provided to us for receiving remittances as outlined above, as required by the bank, and as per our internal requirements. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in remittances being frozen until the required documents are submitted and validated by us.

You may provide any of the following documents for the KYC procedure:

GST registration certificate (Business name to be same as on registration certificate);

PAN card;

Canceled cheque with the name of the Company printed on it;

Declaration (in case of sole proprietorship).

The documents submitted by you should correspond to and should validate the details provided by you on the Merchant Dashboard.

Item Quality, Customer Complaints, and Refunds – Quality Control

In addition to the covenants and warranties provided by you under the E-Commerce Services Agreement, you should ensure that the items being sold to Customers are of high quality and in good working condition, and are not Unsuitable Products. For the purpose of this policy, the term “Unsuitable Product” means a product (a) that is defective, damaged, or lacking the required label(s) as required under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the rules and regulations thereunder, (b) that does not conform to the standards and the quality control checklist shared by us, or (c) that we determine to be unsuitable and unfit to be sold on the Website.

Repeated complaints from Customers with regard to the same product or type of product may result in discontinuation of the listing of that particular product or type of product on the Website, and disciplinary action against you including temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges on the Website.

You hereby agree to accept delivery of products that are not delivered successfully or returned by Customers as being a defective or incomplete or incorrect product. You will be required to provide a correct replacement product or a missing element, if deemed required by the Customer, with you bearing the additional shipping costs.

In the event the Customers are provided with refunds for products purchased from you, we shall, at our sole discretion, be entitled to set off the amounts payable to us (including our commission/remittance charge) against subsequent remittances to you, or independently claim the same from you. Check the return policies for the fees charged.

As per applicable laws, you will be solely responsible for any warranties or guarantees for the products being sold by you on the Website.

Return Policies:

We do not accept returns if the Customer does not like the product or if the delivered product exactly matches the product as described by you. The Customer will only be offered a replacement service in this case, with additional shipping, packaging, and convenience costs recovered by the Customer, so that you do not bear unnecessary losses. However, if the product is damaged, incomplete, incorrect, defective, or of sub-par quality, you will be charged as per the table below and will be liable to accept the return or a replacement as per the Customer’s requirement.

Recovery of the product
Customer Refund Reason#Remittance##CommissionReverse Shipping Fee###
Product Damaged*YesNoYes
Manufacturing Defect**YesNoYes
Incorrect Product***YesNoYes
Incomplete Product****YesNoYes
Sub-Par Quality*****YesNoYes

# In addition to the below-mentioned reasons, NiftyHomes has the sole discretion to process the refund for any other reason

##Remittance will be deducted only if it was already processed

### Reverse Shipping Fee will be deducted on returning the product

* Scratches/Chip Off/Polish or Broken

**Within Warranty and due to Dead on Arrival or Fungus or Stitches/Joints Issue or Termite/Borer or Wear and Tear or Others

*** Incorrect Colour/Polish or Incorrect Dimensions or Incorrect Material or Incorrect Product

**** Missing Parts or Missing Quantity or Missing Toolkit/Hardware or Missing User Manual

***** Bad Polish/Finish or Inferior Material

Products that are canceled due to being defective, incorrect, or incomplete will be returned to you within 1 (one) month of notification from our merchant resolution desk.

Cancellation & RTO Policies:

We do not offer cancellation options to Customers after 48 hours of placing the order, except under special circumstances. You will be notified of the reason for cancellation if any.

All your orders will be confirmed by us over call, without any additional cost, to minimize fraudulent orders and return percentages. Only once confirmed, you will be asked to ship the product.

In case of cancellation of the order by the Customer due to a delay in dispatch, you would not be charged any fees at first. However, repeated cancellations will levy a small fee on you (refer to Shipping Policies).

In case the product is Returned to Origin due to reasons beyond our control, below will be the fee break-up.

Recovery of the product
RTO Reason#Forward Shipping Charges##RTO Shipping Charges###
Delay in Dispatch*YesYes
Customer Did Not Accept**NoNo
No Delivery Attempt***NoNo

 # In addition to the below-mentioned reasons, NiftyHomes has the sole discretion to consider any other reason.

## Forward shipping charges will be added to the next remittance cycle if already paid, in case of RTO due to the Customer did not accept or No delivery attempt.

### RTO shipping charges will be deducted from the next remittance cycle in case of RTO due to delay in dispatch.

* Delay in dispatch after the agreed time, due to any and all reasons will be considered, except under special circumstances.

** Customer did not accept the order due to any personal reasons.

*** No delivery was attempted by the courier company due to unforeseen circumstances.

Commission Charges:

Our commission charges will vary across product categories. We guarantee to provide you with commission rates less than anyone in the market. You will be charged a single commission rate based on your product category. These commission charges will be deducted from the remittance amount.

You will be given a detailed break-up of the same once you register yourself and our team contacts you.